Brenda LaFave
LaFave Realty & Property Management

 How is the real estate market in Lake Havasu?

One of the most important qualifications for a successful Lake Havasu real estate agency is an intimate knowledge of the local area.  Prospective buyers trust us to help them make the best decision on a home purchase, using our knowledge of the area to pick the home that is perfect for the lifestyle that the buyer envisions.  Is it more important to be close to a school or the lake? Is it important to be close to a job location, or shopping? Are they looking for a condo or a single family home, and should it be one story or two?  All of these questions are important to know the answers to in order to make the best choices to show them, and of course the houses have to be in their price range.

The agents at LaFave Realty & Property Management are experts in the Lake Havasu area because they live and work here, and have for decades.  They have seen the area grow and know where the best areas are for families, retirees and singles.  When you move to Lake Havasu you are looking for something specific, and our agents are experts in helping you find it.