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Hello to all home owners and renters,WATER CONSUMPTION SAVINGS - IMPORTANT FACTS.


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If you do not have a home to be concerned about water usage, disregard this message.
If you are a owner or a renter and have a home in Lake Havasu City, Please read this since it will most likely save you a bunch of money on your water bill throughout the year.


Lake Havasu City Utilities likes to charge winter snowbirds for water all year round. So, they have been using a plan for years to charge homeowners and rental homes a general rate use plan for water and sewer usage. TO SAVE $$$$, here are some key facts to make sure you are on the minimum rate plan monthly throughout the year.


 Adjust your sprinkler timer to twice a week for 9 minutes of watering. If you have fruit trees on the premises, you should water more often and consult with a landscape professional for instructions. If you do not know how to adjust the timer, please call our office for us to stop by the home and help.


Shut off your sprinkler system (Auto Timer). Go to this timer weekly and punch in "Manual" and "Enter". This will cycle all the zones once weekly and water your landscaping. Set the water timer to 12-15 minutes of watering. You cannot forget to water weekly or your plants may die. Pick a day of the week and religiously do this process. Valves in systems like to stick and before you know it, you will have a very large water bill with a huge use of water. This will eliminate any issue with sticky valves.


Unplug the water softner all week long. Plug it in the wall and spin the dial to regen. (Some electronic systems are different to regenerate, see instruction manual) This will cycle the water softer one time and go back into the garage a few hours later and unplug the system once again. Repeat this weekly.


Other things you could do is to not wash your car in the driveway and watch your water use around the home and inside the home. Rates are established from Mid November until Mid April. Just a good hint from your Real Estate office and it will SAVE YOU LOTS OF MONEY IF YOU FOLLOW THESE TIPS.


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