Lake Havasu Is The Place To Be

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Lake Havasu City AZ is a wonderful place to both live full time and also to vacation.  It represents both small town life as well as a major tourist destination.  Locals and long-term vacationers are delighted by the fact that many shop workers and owners will actually learn their customer's names and refer to them as friends, a situation that is rarely found in larger communities.  But in addition to being very small, Lake Havasu also offers some of the finest boating and water recreational activities in the country, which contributes to its extraordinary growth at certain times of every year, as well as its minimal vacancy rates among rentals during those same periods.  There are two specific tourist seasons in Lake Havasu that create difficulties with regards to finding rental properties based upon the sheer volumes of people coming to town, which also create revenues for property owners.

1. Snow Bird Season: Every year between the months of December and March, the "snow birds" come to Lake Havasu.  These are retirement-age people who either own second homes in Lake Havasu or rent for months at a time.  They are generally motivated by the community that forms among people who come to town and occupy the same units every year.  These people are usually escaping colder weather in their hometowns, and the snow that goes with it.  They choose to come to Lake Havasu to experience the warm weather that we will still be having at this point in the year, and to participate in boating activities while all of their neighbors back home are shoveling.  Snow birds will usually own their property and rent it out for the remainder of the year through a property management company like this one.  They will usually be gone by March when the second wave of tourists comes to town, but during the period they are here we will see our population double in size.

2. Spring Break: After the snow birds leave, the units that they have been occupying will many times be available for rent.  Because so many students come to Lake Havasu for spring break, snow bird owners realize that they can rent their units out for the month of March at prices that are far higher than the rest of the year, which can sometimes cover mortgage payments for the snow bird's times here.  By renting their units year round at a market price, then increasing the rent during March when there is extreme demand, many snow bird owners can essentially have a three month free vacation every year by simply owning their unit.

Both these tourist seasons creates many economic opportunities for Lake Havasu residents.  There is a tremendous amount of revenue that is generated servicing the snow birds and the spring breakers, before the town  returns to its normal, quiet self for the rest of the year.  If you are interested in purchasing a home in Lake Havasu as a vacation home or as a primary residence, contact us today