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Lake Havasu City has been known as a tourist town and a vacation rental haven for many years due to the near perfect weather and year-round boating and water activities, but fewer are aware that it is quickly becoming a community of permanent residents.  The city has grown over the years, and has become the sole residence of many people who see opportunities for employment and affordable homes in the area.  This is predominantly due to the growth of service-area jobs that provide support to our ever-growing population of part-time residents.  As a result, Lake Havasu homes for sale have become more scarce as the population grows faster than the development, attracting investors as well who see that a lack of inventory and a growing demand make owning real estate in the area a great business investment.  When you put all of these factors together, you get a community that is growing, home prices and values increasing, and opportunities for employment getting better and better.  Lake Havasu has out-performed most surrounding areas in real estate value due to the fact that we have a built-in population of vacationers who are always looking for both long and short-term rentals during the peak seasons of December to March, which nearly assures the ability to rent out the home or unit if you do not plan on being there yourself.

Snow bird season is December until March, when the population of Lake Havasu swells as retirement age people come to town for their yearly vacations.  These people tend to rent either the same units or seek the same areas due to a sense of community that has formed over the years.  The same people vacation in the same areas at the same times, which provides a sense of "home away from home" that many vacation areas do not have.  Our part-time residents feel a sense of connection to Lake Havasu like they do to their permanent residences, and as a result the areas seem more like communities and less like vacation areas.  In order to provide the services that these people are seeking and in the quantities they need, there are large amounts of service industry jobs available that may be more difficult to find elsewhere.  Our hospital, medical clinics, restaurants, shopping and other services all need workers to run smoothly, and this means jobs when other areas are far more difficult to find employment.  This need brings many people to the area to find work, and that means more people purchasing real estate and calling Lake Havasu home.

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