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Lake Havasu City is a widely diverse and vibrant community that is called home by all walks of life, all races, all ages and all nationalities.  Because we are a relatively new city, we are still growing and changing from the original profile of a Lake Havasu resident, one of retirement age who has purchased a second home in the area to use as a vacation residence for a few months out of the year.  Although this is still the truth for a large portion of our community, and anyone who has spent any time in Lake Havasu will quickly realize that our population swells during the months following Christmas until April or so with the "snow birds" coming to town, it is also easy to see the growth over time with populations that did not have much presence at the beginning.  Because of our fantastic boating and water sports aspect, we have begun to be noticed over the last 20 years by not only a younger crowd who have disposable income to purchase the "toys" necessary to play on the water, but also a permanent resident population who have found employment opportunities servicing this community.  Like any self-fulfilling situation, the more people who come to Lake Havasu, the more people we need here to make life comfortable for everyone.

Good examples of this situation are present in the medical and service industries, which have grown significantly out of sheer demand.  The older population who had been here for years may have found the ability to get by with average hospital and specialty medical facilities, but as the population grew we needed better facilities.  A world-class hospital and numerous specialty centers found a home in Lake Havasu as a result, drawing more people to the area who are in need of the services they provide from surrounding areas.  In the restaurant and service industries, opportunities present themselves through demand, and as more restaurants and nightlife facilities are built to accommodate the population's demand for entertainment, the more jobs are created and need filling.  As people flock to the area for opportunities, the demand for more housing increases and appreciation in real estate happens naturally.

The one constant for everyone who calls Lake Havasu home is the need for housing, either in the form of a house or an apartment.  Everyone who lives here full time needs somewhere to live, and everyone who vacations here for short periods of time needs a place to stay while they are here.  This demand for homes in Lake Havasu has kept our real estate prices strong even through the economic downturn that hurt so much of the country.  While we also saw some softening in our demand, it was no where near as bad as elsewhere in the country.  This is one of the reasons that investment in Lake Havasu real estate is considered so safe, because our community has shown growth even when  others showed shrinkage.  Now that the economy is improving, we are seeing the explosive growth in real estate speculation, investing, building and ownership that we saw before 2006.  This trend is only expected to improve as all signs point to continued immigration into our city from those seeking opportunity as well as retirement enjoyment.

If you are interested in homes in the Lake Havasu AZ area, contact us immediately as we have a large portfolio of residences of all levels for consideration.  From the small, starter condo or apartment to the multi-million dollar retirement estate that promises the fulfillment of a dream after years of hard work and saving, we have access to them all.  We are the first and best choice for Lake Havasu real estate, and look forward to serving you.