Highest Appreciating Lake Havasu Neighborhoods

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Highest Appreciating Lake Havasu Neighborhoods

One of the questions that many potential buyers of property in Lake Havasu have for their real estate agent is "what are the neighborhoods that have the best potential for appreciation?" Well of course nothing is a guarantee and can be pinpointed as an investment without any risk, and many times appreciation of real estate has to do with both the neighborhood and the economy of the local area, but over time there are general appreciation and depreciation trends that can be mapped out in order to make wise investments.  In Lake Havasu, some neighborhoods have appreciated more rapidly than others, usually due to the focus of the neighborhood itself to keep the real estate values high through associations, beautification programs and development in close proximity to the neighborhood.  While we won't go into the specifics of WHY the appreciation has happened in the following areas faster than the surrounding neighborhoods, we provide the following list of the 10 areas that have appreciated the fastest in the Lake Havasu area.  If this is one of the factors that is important to you as a buyer, ask your agent to show you homes in these areas:

1. Desert Hills

2. Oro Grande Blvd. / Route 95

3. Kiowa Ave. / Lake Havasu Ave. N

4. Combat Dr. / Lake Havasu Ave. S

5. Saratoga Ave. / Chemehuevi Blvd.

6. Havasupai Blvd. / Kiowa Blvd. N

7. Palo Verde Blvd. / Hidden Valley Dr.

8. Sunny Ridge Dr. / Buena Vista Ave.

9. Palo Verde Blvd. N / Avalon Ave.

10. City Center